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Maryse Lepage, Consultant and Owner at ThinkBeChange, Ottawa




Change readiness

When it is time to walk the talk of change in the face of disruption and uncertainty, or to prepare for the time you will undoubtedly have to do so.

Leadership development

When you face the challenge of ambitious objectives, you are ready to take your game to the next level, or get stuck in unproductive patterns.

Team development

When people must rally around a common purpose, quickly demonstrate cohesion and show determination in moving to action.



Maryse Lepage is a true “change” professional who marries the academic knowledge of change, resilience and adoption with real-life positive experience. One of the best change practitioners I have had the privilege of working with, she is keenly observant, consistently insightful and has rich toolkit from which to draw solutions and opportunities.

Tamara Mason, Associate Director, Canadian Medical Association

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About Maryse Lepage

Change Management Consultant Maryse Lepage

In contributing to my clients’ success, I think about qualities that help us make the most of tough challenges and turbulent times: a clear and sharp mind, an open heart, and the courage to move through obstacles and fear. In embodying these qualities, a leader can transform the way people come together around a common purpose and move to action – connecting with what matters most and reshaping what is possible.

My solutions and interventions aim to support the development of such qualities. I open the door to quick wins and always envision sustained capabilities. I bring together a mix of proven methodology and fresh approaches to best serve my clients while leveraging the power and effectiveness of integral development.

I draw on a career spanning over 30 years of professional experience during which I gained a reputation for high engagement and high performance. I can easily relate to the joys and challenges of leadership in the sectors of high technology, financial services and  community services.  For the past 10 years, I have guided and supported managers in developing critical leadership and change capabilities.

I hold the Integral Coach certification with New Ventures West/Convivium, the Integral Facilitator certification with Ten Directions and the Prosci Change Management certification.