A conversation for our times: Women and Power

MLHighlight, Workshop


Our times call for conscious and skillful leadership. For many of us this means uncovering new sources of power and practicing different expressions of power – some of them patterned after male leaders, others unique and authentic to our talents and callings.

I invite you to bring together women leaders in your organization for a special journey: a series of facilitated conversations to explore the experience of power from a professional perspective. There are different views on what constitutes power in the hands of conscious, authentic and effective leaders. In the scope of these conversations, power is defined as the capability to influence, to mobilize resources and to take action in order to achieve objectives.

Carefully chosen topics will serve to delve into different dimensions of power and express what is often kept in the dark: explicit or implicit sources of power; the good, the bad and the ugly sides of power; relinquishing power, disowning it and being deprived of it; polarities of power and vulnerability; masculine and feminine energies in the expression of power.

Women leaders don’t often explicitly appropriate power for themselves because it is a move still outside cultural norms. Admitting to an intention of exercising power quickly brings up negative judgement. However, power dynamics exist everywhere and they matter. Leadership is a position of power. Owning this power, exercising it carefully and wisely, being accountable for it – this is all part of a leader’s reality. In participating in this conversation series you can expect to:

• Come to term with what is means to be a powerful leader
• Discover and practice new/authentic/generative expressions of power
• Gain a better understanding of power dynamics

I am deeply indebted to my Integral Facilitation teacher, Diane Musho Hamilton (https://tendirections.com/diane-musho-hamilton) for the concept, structure and topics of this series and they are used with her permission. It is by directly experiencing these conversations under her leadership that I came to see the profound need for such coming together of women leaders. It is good for us, it is good for our organizations and our communities, and it is good for the world.

Intrigued? Want to know how to bring these conversations to your organization? Just drop me a line at maryse@thinkbechange.com and let’s start the conversation.