A conversation for our times: Women and Power

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Our times call for conscious and skillful leadership. For many of us this means uncovering new sources of power and practicing different expressions of power – some of them patterned after male leaders, others unique and authentic to our talents and callings. I invite you to bring together women leaders in your organization for a special journey: a series of … Read More

Women, power and leadership

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“I am not interested in power games; I just want to make a difference.” My coaching client, a smart and passionate woman leader, is bumping against a different glass ceiling: her ability to influence, mobilize resources and move people to action. She doesn’t want to be seen explicitly appropriating power for herself, but she is also facing some serious limitations. She … Read More

Starting with resistance in mind?

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When facilitating a change leadership workshop last year, the one concern right up there on the list of what people wanted to take away was how to deal with resistance to change. This is an issue that keeps many leaders awake at night and there it was again. Perversely, I decided to defer this discussion to later in the workshop, … Read More

Perspective-taking and the conscious leader

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Taking different perspectives and understanding seemingly opposite viewpoints are crucial capabilities in dealing with today’s complexities with confidence and creativity. Leading requires seeing the world and ourselves through other people’s eyes while taking full accountability for our own perspective.  With expanded awareness of self and others, we choose to become more conscious of what is true from each perspective. This creates excellence in setting long-term visions, devising change strategies and making tough decisions. ThinkBeChange … Read More

Are you ready for the kind of change you are envisioning?


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Organizational changes are not all created equal. Understanding implications and being aware of impact on people and culture are as important as setting the structural or technical content of the change. Bringing a qualified change practitioner on board will have a significant impact on your budget. Make it a wise investment: align precious resources with the level of change management your organization … Read More