Change Management Consulting

ThinkBeChange guides leaders in becoming agents for positive and sustainable change in their organization.

  • Do you aim to meet volatile, uncertain, and ambiguous circumstances with more confidence and competence?
  • Do you want to widen your perspectives so more possibilities can come to you?
  • Does success means more to you than immediate rewards for yourself?

ThinkBeChange provides custom interventions to partner with you and your team in increasing capacity for complexity, clarity, courage and lasting competence.

  • Assessing change readiness and agility, comparing to the context you are facing, and identifying best areas of leverage and development.
  • Providing a robust framework to set the stage for change, create a coherent vision, build capabilities, bring cohesive execution.
  • Designing change processes appropriate to the scale of impact.
  • Helping to increase the mindset and behaviors required to embrace uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • Setting a collaborative approach to encourage resilience, full-scale engagement and mobilization of stakeholders.

What makes ThinkBeChange solutions different?

  1. The frameworks are highly adaptable and the processes are agile, getting to the core of what will make a tangible difference in the current context. No “one size fits all” solutions here!
  2. Consulting engagements are considered to be a partnership for full collaboration, peer-to-peer learning and empowerment to create new capabilities in the organization.
  3. Resistance to change is a story we don’t totally buy into. Human dynamics are complex and resistance needs to be translated into root causes first.

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Whenever a discrepancy exists between the current culture and the objectives of your change, the culture always win.Daryl R. Conner, Managing at the Speed of Change