Leadership Coaching

Coaching is recognized as a powerful avenue for the development and realization of leadership potential. At its very best, coaching can help you in going beyond what you think possible for yourself. It promotes full ownership of your personal power – how to direct it intentionally and sustain it to build lasting capabilities. Your coach becomes a catalyst – provoking thought experiments and their practical application in a way that is highly relevant to you, your immediate challenges and your workplace.

Coaching at ThinkBeChange is guided by the Integral Development framework which recognizes people as complex and capable beings with both wisdom and blind spots. The integral approach provides a rich ground for growth because it takes into account systems and culture in addition to the particulars of a situation, and how people think, feel, show up and connect. Increased awareness of self, others and context – plus important shifts in perspectives – make possible an expanded range of skillful action. The coaching process becomes about “learning how to change and learn” and applying what’s learned to new situations and increasingly more complex challenges.


We cannot hold on to anything, even our own qualities  and competencies. We are alive, dynamic systems always, always  changing in ways that cannot be foretold.James Flaherty, MCC, founder of New Ventures West