Facilitation & Workshops

Group facilitation means making space for individual contributions while moving a group forward in exploring a greater number of perspectives and more integrative decision-making and problem solving. As facilitative leaders, we create conditions for more satisfying and more efficient collaboration.

ThinkBeChange services include:

  • Facilitation of Coaching Circles.
  • Team coaching for increased trust, cohesion and competence.
  • Design of purposeful, pragmatic and outcome-oriented workshops and meetings.
  • Coaching facilitators or leaders in preparation for presentations, facilitation or team event.
  • Facilitation of strategic and tactical planning exercises.


By cultivating the ability to make room for any perspective that might arise, even if a group chooses not to go there, you as the facilitator are clearing the way for deeper energy and truth in service of the group’s purpose.Diane Musho Hamilton, Integral Facilitator, Co-founder and Lead Teacher at Ten Directions