Perspective-taking and the conscious leader

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change leadership

Taking different perspectives and understanding seemingly opposite viewpoints are crucial capabilities in dealing with today’s complexities with confidence and creativity. Leading requires seeing the world and ourselves through other people’s eyes while taking full accountability for our own perspective.  With expanded awareness of self and others, we choose to become more conscious of what is true from each perspective. This creates excellence in setting long-term visions, devising change strategies and making tough decisions.

ThinkBeChange offers the exploration of a simple yet powerful framework for perspective-taking and its applications through a series of workshops on strategic planning, organizational change and decision making. Each time you are invited to move between perspectives, test and expand your tolerance for ambiguity and polarities, identify implications and new courses of action. Experiential activities and coaching sessions integrate new concepts into your day-to-day reality. Topics can be adapted to to a specific leadership development context.

Through this program you can gain wider and deeper perspectives on complex situations, help others in exploring different viewpoints, and develop more confidence and compassion in dealing with polarized opinions. Workshops and coaching build on previous sessions for sustained development and at the same time you can expect to leave each workshop with concrete additions to your leadership toolkit.

Contact Maryse Lepage at ThinkBeChange to know how this program can shift leadership capabilities for yourself and your organization.


Photography: Stephanie Brossmann