I partnered with Maryse Lepage as we built out the enterprise change management capabilities at MD Physician Services. Maryse was instrumental in developing the tools and processes that our change management practitioners and change leaders could use to assist in the transition of our people through significant changes. Maryse was also able to combine her superior coaching skills with her change management expertise to guide change leaders through the various steps of the change management discipline. Maryse was always someone I could count on to bring the newest thinking to the table so we could continuously improve our processes.Angela Schafer, VP, Talent Management, MD Financial Management
Maryse Lepage is a true “change” professional who marries the academic knowledge of change, resilience and adoption with real-life positive experience. One of the best change practitioners I have had the privilege of working with, she is keenly observant, consistently insightful and has rich toolkit from which to draw solutions and opportunities. While her warmth and approachability have earned the trust and confidence of employees, it is her work with leaders that stands out. She is creative and intuitive and creates the space necessary for leaders to adopt new ways of thinking and practicing.Tamara Mason, Associate Director, Canadian Medical Association
I used Maryse Lepage’s facilitation services for my team’s strategic planning in May 2015. I wanted a facilitation design and style geared to a collaborative approach, with a good mix of structured activities and some flexibility to go with the flow. Working with Maryse definitely helped in reaching my objectives and in creating an environment of trust and openness that brought different ideas and diverse perspectives together. She delivered a great session for me and my team and we were able to make the most of our time together.Mary Van Buren, Vice President of Marketing and Information Technology, Canadian Real Estate Association
Maryse Lepage has been a long time collaborator (10 yrs plus) and one that I know always brings forward thinking, commitment to outcomes and an underlying coaching philosophy that enables her training and facilitation to bring out the knowledge and the skills of groups as a building block for the delivery of new content or facilitation framework. More recently, Maryse facilitated and delivered two development workshop with our Practice team, “Conversation for Results” and “Change and Resistance management strategies”. Both were extremely well received by the team and have led to changes in the effectiveness of the group. In both cases, the level of expertise of the group was diversified and Maryse’s ability to use the team’s existing knowledge and experiences and enable everyone to take away key concepts that advanced their capabilities and practical enough for immediate use made the workshop very productive for all. We achieved the outcomes that we had set out to and had a very pleasant experience as a result of Mayse’s ability to create an open environment that facilitates, dialogue, learning and vulnerability.Daniel Labonté, VP and Practice Leader, MD Financial Management
Maryse was there for me during a pivotal time in which I was trying to determine “what’s next for me”. She allowed me to explore my strengths, my struggles and what inspired me, in a safe and supportive environment. This valuable encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to move forward in my career in a way that only years before I didn’t think possible. Her calming presence and relaxed demeanor gave me the room I needed to hush the millions of thoughts in my head, and to focus on the real tough questions. She challenged me when needed and helped me prepare for a role that I thought was perhaps beyond me. She coached me that presence is important, and helped my find my voice. Her questions were thought provoking and I always felt that she was rooting for me and in my corner wanting to see me succeed. Michelle Day, Assistant Regional Manager at MD Financial Management
Today’s fast-paced world creates a lot of busyness, which tends to interfere with business! To achieve forward momentum, we each need to find a way through which to reflect, consider, and deliberately choose our next move. Such a quantum leap doesn’t happen on its own, and needs a special helping hand to make that occur. Maryse Lepage is that special helping hand. As a coach, and an amazing one at that, she enables one to pause, consider, and look deep inside oneself to find the answers, or to discover the right path to follow to find them.

Maryse dedicates herself fully to coaching and to her coachees. Whether working individually in a coaching role, or with a group facilitating professional growth, she draws out the best in people to help them find clarity and excitement in their next steps.

My time spent with Maryse has been invaluable; it’s enabled me to move from busyness to business. If you have the good fortune to work with Maryse, I know you’ll discover the same.Jeff Blain, AVP, National Lead - Insurance, MD Financial Management

Maryse Lepage has been an integral part of our Organization Development Team for the last several years. Her thought leadership, project discipline and passion for outcomes has contributed to Maryse’s incredible influence across the organization at multiple levels. Her thought leadership and experience around change management for many complex initiatives as well as her mastery in both 1:1 and team coaching has contributed to Maryse’s deep relationships and impact at MD. I think organizations who don’t know where to start would benefit immensely from her insight and expertise.Stephanie Choquette, Organization Development Lead, MD Financial Management
I found Maryse to be wise and perceptive, a generous listener who picked up on nuances and challenged my assumptions with interesting questions. My experience with Maryse demonstrates how looking at issues from different angles creates both change and confidence. She makes it easy to open up, and her broad experience allows her to relate and to provide relevant exercises. I feel more effective with my team, and I’ve used her coaching techniques and ideas to our advantage. Also important, my manager noticed my development, commenting on the change in my performance review.Alissa Chambers, Manager, MD Private Trust